Do you donate blood?

It was September 2010. I had enrolled for a 6 month gym membership near my apartment. I had made a resolution – if I crossed my target weight, I would start donating blood regularly.

March 2011 came and I still had not reached my target weight. I was disappointed. But I wasn’t going to give up so easily. “Fake it till you make it” seemed to me the only strategy. 🙂 What if I did the reverse? What if I donated blood and trusted the universe to help me reach my weight?

I went ahead and donated blood at Chiranjeevi Eye and Blood Bank in Hyderabad. For the first time, I was slightly scared. What if the procedure was not safe? What if they laughed at me – I am thin, as you might have guessed by reading about my efforts on increasing weight. 😀 What if they said that I am too weak?

But the process turned out be very simple. They checked my weight, haemoglobin content and blood pressure. Everything being in normal zone, they asked me to proceed. And it took hardly 5 minutes.

Today, 1 year later, I have donated thrice. And yes, I have crossed my target weight. 🙂 (Oh by the way, I have even got a thank you letter from the Tollywood superstar Chiranjeevi.)

Blood donation has a lot of health benefits – it clears up the system by removing excess iron content, reduces the chances of heart disease and improve the overall constitution. It even acts as a basic medical checkup.

But the best thing about it is – you feel good. 🙂 And when you step out of the donation center, you know that you have done your one little bit for the world.

4 Dec 2015 UPDATE: I continue donating twice a year since the first time in July 2011.

7 thoughts on “Do you donate blood?

  1. I felt little strange after my first blood donation thing yesterday. But now i am relaxed, knowing what all was going in my mind was not strange but fact after your above explanation.
    Great Inspiration to first timers.


  2. Hey Pranav…. This is really interesting.. Previously am very afraid of donating blood. But your article has motivated me a lot and I hope I donate blood this time at least..


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