Harish on Tai Chi – a discussion

My cousin Harish has been practicing Tai Chi, a form of Chinese martial arts since some years now. He shares his experiences here.

P: Tell us something about yourself and your passions.
H: My name is Harish. I am working with a firm in the petroleum sector. Apart from the regular corporate job, I like to read, do Tai Chi and go on long unplanned trips.

P: What is Tai Chi?
H: Tai Chi is a form of a martial arts but with a difference. It is also known as meditation in motion. People go for Tai Chi for physical fitness as well as for spiritual benefits. There are 2 broad styles of doing Tai Chi – public style (which you usually see on TV – groups of people practising in parks) and temple style. What I am learning is the temple style, which focuses on the spiritual aspect also. It consists of specific body movements performed with complete awareness.

P: How did you latch on to Tai Chi?
H: I had seen and heard about it on TV. In June 2009, I had joined a firm in Mumbai and out of curiosity was searching for Tai Chi training classes in Mumbai. I came across the group Sevangee which teaches the temple style of Tai Chi. On joining, I found that personal attention was given to each and every individual who joined, since everyone was different. I have not left it since then.

P: How long have you been doing Tai Chi and what benefits do you see pre and post the practice?
H: 3 years now. I practice it daily for about 1.5 hours – 1 hour in the morning and 1 in the evening after I come back from office. Benefits? Physically, increase in immunity levels, better posture, improvement in blood circulation. Mentally, it seems to have increased my awareness levels, which has helped me to multitask and deal well with continuous distractions.

P: Any guidance on people interested in knowing more about it?
H: You can visit the Sevangee website for more info on Tai Chi and its training centres. Tai Chi requires lots of time to practice, and persistence. I began seeing benefits after nearly 2 months of rigorous practice. But the benefits hugely outweigh the time spent on it.

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