Smile Away!

This is a GUEST POST from my friend Bhawana. To know more about her, check out Reveries of Flight, where she regularly pens down her thoughts.

“Smiles I sow, so shall I reap.”

After weeks of cluelessness I finally approached you – “What will be apt for your blog, Pranav? Please suggest.” The thought of writing this short but heartfelt post kicked off from your suggestion – “write on something you have been trying to learn since a long time or your hobbies/ interests, someplace you visited…” or something to that effect.

What struck me was that in between the general activities like reading, writing, movies or plain whiling away time, something that I have been consciously and subconsciously trying to practice since ever is “Being Positive”.

Sounds very generic and philosophical but it struck me as the only constant and magnanimous stream between my activities and interests over the years: from kindergarten to school, higher studies and now work.

Interestingly, there is no philosophical nudge behind this practice. It is more about the power and absolute joy I feel when I know nothing can turn me down. Picturize this: Everything is green and bright, suddenly blue clouds turn grey and a monstrous black-hooded dementor (yeah, Potter-mania!) approaches me – pause for few seconds … then I look into its eyes and say – “You are not welcome, my smile loves me. Everything is going all right!” Snap! The dementor’s eyes droop down with shame and everything turns happy again.

There has always been that pride associated when, especially as a kid, so-called-adults would say – “Look at her – how strong (and adorable, I presumed)!” This lame reason of-course transcended into a more logical and humble feeling with age – I realized I can only control myself, nothing and no-one else; I am always so better mentally and emotionally equipped when I stay positive – and I am awe-struck when miraculously things turns out all right so many times.

The times that I have let dismay loom over me make me feel stupid – they give me a reason to lament – I forgot to smile through moments of life that would never come back again, what a waste! And I get that sinking feeling with churning in the stomach and asymmetric heart-beats that in those moments, I forgot how lucky I am to have the best people around me – I was in fact nasty to those who love me.

And so the practice goes on – dilly-dallying for a bit when situations are not what I expect and then turning around, smiling at it and feeling victorious all the way!

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