The Pareto of fitness

Do you know my current dental track record? One rotten tooth, and cavities in 4 teeth. And I have not even turned 30. Just a few months back, I underwent a root canal surgery.

But wait a minute. Wasn’t I the great health freak? Yoga, running, weights and what not. And me having cavities?

I turned into a health detective – researched the net, read books and talked to people. And came up with something extremely obvious. Not sure how or why I had been overlooking it for so many years.

In the field of fitness, I was till now playing on the edges. The periphery. What I was doing was hardly helping. The biggest factor wasn’t even considered. In case you still don’t realize it – it is FOOD.

What we eat matters much more than all the efforts we put in sweating it out. More than the 70% of our health problems might get solved if we just eat right and keep moving. (The Pareto principle states that in a system, usually 80% of problems are caused by just 20% or so issues.)

India has way above average rates of diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disorders. Yes, stress and sedentary lifestyle do exacerbate health problems. But most of us don’t really think about food. Have we ever given a thought when we pick up those packets of chips and cream biscuits or drink that sweet cup of tea or coffee?

I guess I have got my signal. My focus has shifted. I just don’t exercise like crazy and expect to stay healthy by eating pizza and pav bhaji or drinking cups of sweet milky tea daily. Vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts are slowly becoming a part of my daily diet.

And I urge you too on this path. Let us not get fooled – the fast food, the packaged foods, the sweet foods are doing more damage, than the pleasure they momentarily give us.

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