One decent shot

Scene 1: Late 2010, Hyderabad, India.

A lazy Sunday afternoon. I am stretched on the sofa with a laptop. A friend is playing games on the internet. I have created a page on Google sites listing my favorite books. He takes a look and smirks.

“Ha ha. Bullsh*t. Who will want to read what you read and where you go?”

Hmm – I think. Perhaps, he is right. Who would want to read what I read? I shut my laptop and doze off.

Scene 2: Now.

After having written/edited 50+ posts and having more and more people connect with my blog as time goes on, I see something now, which I didn’t that afternoon. Just one decent shot at writing was all that was required.

These days, I enjoy blogging as much as my other passions.

When I look back over the years, I have no clue of how many such opportunities I missed, just because I thought it didn’t matter. Or because somebody told me it hardly matters.

But all passions deserve at least 1 decent shot. They might be boring to others, they might not bring in money. But they matter to you, to me. Finally these are the things which bring joy. And if we don’t care who will?

As you read this blog, you might not find resonance with my passions. Low likelihood of you having the same ones as I do.

But then, it might inspire you to start something step by step, just like I am doing. Either with the passions you have lost touch with OR trying something new.

Biking, dancing, painting, stamps, acting, music and what not. The world is large and we haven’t even touched the tip.

Staying true to the purpose of this blog, let us all explore more. 🙂

June 2017 update: Have been blogging regularly for 5+ years now. You can read my 5th anniversary post here. 🙂

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