A hair raising attempt

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”. ~ Reinhold Niebuhr, The Serenity Prayer

“Shouldn’t you do something about your hair?” I looked around. I was being asked this same question the umpteenth time.

Twenty two. That was the age when I first realized that my hair was slowly leaving me. My first job was in a manufacturing plant, interesting but stressful and unhealthy, with repercussions – premature hair loss. I might be having it in my genes too, but 22 was still a bit too early.

One consolation was that I was not alone in this. And mine was not even an extreme case. The numerous advertisement boards for hair transplant and hair regrowth indicated that many in my age range were facing a similar predicament – either losing hair or greying hair.

Some suggested weaving, some said shave it all off, some gave me hair oil. A friend suggested Ayurveda. He is a big fan of this ancient Indian system of holistic medicine. (Btw, he is a fan of temples too, that is how I got a chance to revisit the visa God.)

But in which bucket did hair loss fall? Was it something to be accepted and blissfully ignored OR something to be acted upon?

I thought – nothing risked, nothing gained. Also, undergoing an Ayurvedic treatment (especially a massage) was a long time dream. (Undergoing that on the beautiful beaches of Kerala is, as we would call it in our corporate lingo, still a long pending action item.) 🙂

So, with 2013 rolling in, when most of my friends were busy making weight loss and flat ab resolutions, I embarked on a hair regain journey. On the friend’s suggestion, went to his recommended Ayurveda centre and scheduled early morning sessions for the coming weeks.

6.25 am, a cool Thursday morning. Surprised to find transport at this early hour, I bless the usually irritating Hyderabadi rickshaw drivers. And reach the centre, with little idea what to expect.

Read the 2nd part here.

My Ayurveda therapy centre, Hyderabad.

6 thoughts on “A hair raising attempt

  1. It’s indeed a hair raising article 😛 . Prevention is better than cure, and I got the much needed remedy. Thanks for the article, as it’s a direct help. And the best part of the article is, the Image of “Ayush” with Ph. No. 🙂


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