A total scalp cleanse

This is part 2 of my experience with Ayurveda. Read the first post here.

On arriving at the centre, I was led in a room with a huge wooden bench. As I sat in a small chair placed nearby, one of the masseurs performed a 10 minute head massage with oil. After that, I was asked to lie supine on the bench. My eyes and ears were covered. Buttermilk was poured on my forehead and hair through a vessel, in a thin continuous stream. For more than half hour.

And my first session was done. I came out of the centre feeling all refreshed, like a cold water bath in summer.

Later, I checked the internet for details on the exact process. The ancient science of Ayurveda doesn’t just heal a symptom and, not necessarily the cause too. It does an entire balancing and cleansing of the system. Each disease is treated as a sign of imbalance and accumulation of toxic substances. So, the same treatment meant for hair loss can also be utilized in healing other problems like skin diseases, stress and digestive disorders. Further, each person is treated in a different manner. A different solution for each body. Customization to its limits!

The Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss consists of 2 scalp cleansing phases – Takradhara and Thalapothichil.

Takradhara involves a continuous stream of buttermilk mixed with certain herbs on the forehead. I had 7 continuous sessions (for some it might be more too). Preceded by a head massage with medicated oil.

Thalapothichil involves an oil massage for 20 minutes. And then a 20 minute mud-pack on the head. This is for 14 sessions, with 3 of them immediately after Takradhara. The rest are spaced over 4 weeks.

It seems I developed some infection all those years back which was causing hair loss.

After the first session, I asked the most important question – will my hair come back or at least becoming healthier? The centre owner smiled, and said in her Malayalam-accented Hindi – “Agar bhagwaan ki marzi hai, toh aa jaayega, lekin time lagega” (If it is God’s will, it will definitely come back, but will take time). How much time? 6 months to a year.

Hmm. Well, let us see. In case, there is something positive, you can expect another post from me in a year. 🙂

9 thoughts on “A total scalp cleanse

    1. Unfortunately Narendra, there has been no increase in my hair density. But the good thing is that my hair fall rate has gone down naturally, and I have now accepted my hairless state. 🙂


  1. I have never heard of this process, as a medical professional at jrsmedical I like to stay up with the current practices that are out these days. Although this one is pretty ancient it does sound refreshing!


    1. Thanks Kaufman. Ayurveda has been practised since ages in India, but it has not caught up completely in India too, primarily due to 2 reasons – results take time and there has been slow acceptance in mainstream medicine. But many are turning to it when they occasionally find that Allopathy isn’t helping them.


  2. thanks. you have the patience to wait 6 months or more to find out the efficacy of  the treatment. await another report in  six months… priti


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