A year down and thank you!

1 year down. Of public writing. Yes, I have successfully managed to blog once a week for a year straight – tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of my blog. 🙂

My initial excitement for starting this blog was great. I shared with friends and family. And forced a lot of them to read it!

Slowly, the enthusiasm waned. Many lazy weekend afternoons were spent wandering aimlessly in my room, thinking of topics to write. But I plodded on, because I knew something was changing. The writing bit was actually helping me more than it perhaps was helping you.

But no, this post is not about me. It is about you. You, the reader.

In this age of ever-present distraction – of TV and online videos, email, WhatsApp and Gtalk, you had the patience to read through my posts.

A lot of you made the effort of responding, either by emails, by likes on WordPress or Indiblogger, by comments, phone calls or plain face-to-face conversation. A few even said that they found my posts inspiring. I truly am honored by such a compliment.

With your support, I crossed the line. From being a passive consumer, to a creator and action taker.

The externals are pretty much the same. I still do the same boring things – I read, I exercise, I occasionally travel. And I crack the same boring jokes no one seems to find funny, except me.

But, these days, I genuinely feel that I am living more fully than before.

And so, just 2 words, from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU.

I won’t end this post with the stats for the last year. The number of hits or subscribers is, frankly irrelevant.

I will leave with 1 simple message – please share your stories. Even if you think they are as uninteresting as trying to get hair back or strolling through one’s hometown! Beneath those differences, I guess all of us are similar. You never know, whom you will touch or inspire by your story, in some corner of the earth.

8 thoughts on “A year down and thank you!

  1. Due to an oeration, I have been neglecting  email. Your writing impresses as its honest, genuine and  about Life,Everyday Life. Keep it up!  Thank you  and will report my own  little  stories  of joy  and  the pitfalls  of  extraordinarily  ordinary day. Bravo keep it up, Love Pritimasi   


  2. I have enjoyed your blog vey much. I know it takes effort and discipline and you have made the efoort and been oh so disciplined! Keep it up! I get to keep in touch with you and your interests and your friends. A BIG thank you!


    1. Thank you, Bindu masi. I know it is a very small achievement, people have been blogging for 8+ years. But encouragement from you and others have pushed me into writing for at least an year. 🙂


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