“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“While we do our good works let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary.”  ~ Chinua Achebe

It is 43C outside my parents’ home in Ahmedabad. The Indian summer has arrived. We are seated in one of the cooler rooms.

And then, I make an announcement – going forth, I am going to donate a full 10% of my take-home income.

My mother exclaims – don’t you want to save for your future?! Or have you become so rich?

I reply – no, it is nothing to do with being rich. But my basic needs have been met long back.

You might ask, what is so great about my announcement? I have already been donating since a while now.

Over the last few years, I have given it some serious thought. As I travel and read and see the world more, I feel all the more blessed. Things which I take for granted are daily struggles for a lot of people.

 The time has come to step it up. Committing on donating is something entirely different, as compared to doing it occasionally. It is a lifestyle change decision.

 I know. Money is not the answer. And I can’t even claim that I am helping in addressing the root causes by donating.

 But I do believe that even a small amount can make a difference. Especially in India, where many don’t even have access to basic levels of education and health.

I am not rich. And 10% is a small amount. But 10% over the years will definitely build into something significant (btw, donating 10% is a pretty popular concept).

So here it goes. Just like my personal manifesto of creativity, this one is another manifesto – that of giving back. I will keep donating as far as my earnings exceed my needs. 

There are a lot many who already do this. Wait up people, I am joining you.

And you? Coming with me?

10 thoughts on “10%?!

  1. Hi Pranav !

    Hardik had shared your blog post the day you posted it.

    Wanted to share my views on the same day. But….

    After a lot of pursuing by Hardik, here I am.

    First thing first… I have a lot better ideas and thoughts. But……

    As usual they remain thoughts and ideas. Better thoughts and ideas (I feel so)…. But you have ACTED…..

    How to better it? By a better action or deed only.

    Well, you did something which you felt is correct.

    While others (me) thought better.

    You have inspired me for sure. To act and not just stop at thinking.

    I have my views on ‘donating’ but will share separately.

    Kudos for putting thought into action !


    1. Thanks Hiten for sharing your views. As I mentioned in the post, money may not be the answer for helping people, and also, I too am not sure about how I will go about donating, but that will no more stop me from not doing it. 🙂


  2. I read the blog and was much impressed and admired that you put your ideas into action and not mere words… Felt that in following Gandhi you were also honoring the old sufi/bhakti tradition of Kabir and Meera who sang about Fakiri, these 10% act is also a fakiri. A decision to donate after meeting your needs is sharing and caring. Bravo, for it does signify the Oum Sahanavavatu…Shanti shanti shanti…


  3. Jainism says – Live and Let Live .. these days people are struggling with ” THE SELF” .. I would say the SELF has to be explored from… me…. myself… to, My family .. my society… my City … my Country … Lastly, I appreciate your courage in admitting your satisfaction with what you have been blessed with ….


    1. Thanks masi. This is hardly anything, I know some of my friends who are doing much more. But I guess, finally, the true aim of all this should be, as mentioned in one of the quotes – an end to charity.


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