Gymming – time management or self-motivation

My friend Deepti laughed for 6 months straight when I told her that I had started blogging and she should check it out sometime. Then, one day she did manage to take out time to read one of my posts. To my immense but pleasant surprise, she got hooked and started reading regularly. And now, she is here with a GUEST POST of her own. 🙂

Well… the title of my post basically comes from the fact that I have been trying to regularly go to the gym (and by regularly I mean every single weekday) for quite some time.

However since I am posing this question one should realize that I have not been to do that. 🙂

I have very regularly been able to find out some excuse or the other on most of the days of a month. This in spite of paying up in advance and me being very cautious in spending my money.

Initially when this happened, I used to think that it is lack of motivation which literally means I do not have something significant to look forward and life is just the usual.

And then came the day when I decided to get married. Wow!!! This is the usually the highest level of motivation for someone like me to get to shape.

And I acted fast: enrolled in the gym for 3 months in advance; did some shopping and prepared a schedule to manage work. I always thought an hour in the gym would send my schedule which included preparing lunch and dinner, work and of course have a good night’s sleep for a toss.


Hence I have come to accept that it’s not time management that will help you make time for the gym. It is plain self-motivation (nothing external not even getting married in my case) that can make you regularly hit the gym and purely for fitness purposes. Or you just find something that interests you as well and that can help you in staying fit, for instance dance classes, yoga, aerobics, etc.

P.S. As you might have guessed, there is no definite conclusion to this post since Deepti is still exploring options to keep her fit. Will have to get back to her in a few months to find out what worked for her. 🙂

One thought on “Gymming – time management or self-motivation

  1. How true! Indeed this whole ‘exercise’ thing is off the wall! I like what Mark Twain had to say about exercise: Whenever I Feel the Urge to Exercise I Lie Down Until It Goes Away. I follow his advice!

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