My first professional lesson

A GUEST POST from my friend Anil, who learns a few lessons, when he leaves the safe world of college and enters the world of work.

When I graduated with an engineering degree in computer science in 2007 from Hyderabad, I was full of overconfidence with a lot of expectations and assumptions about the world. I had no idea about the gap between my education and the market requirements!

After a couple of months of my final semester internship with a mobile software development company, I started giving job interviews with the thought in mind – “If I don’t get the job, who else!”

Then the calls started. Not from companies, but from my classmates. One of them called and said – “Dude, I got placed with a MNC company!” I congratulated him. The next day, another friend called up with similar news. After a few days of such news, I began thinking – “When will I get a chance to call others and say the same thing?”

I finally sat for my first company recruitment process. My confidence was at its peak. Or should I say over the peak! Then I failed the written test. My level of confidence dropped. It dropped even further when a close friend got through it. 🙂

For the next 2 companies, I fared slightly better. I cleared the first round but couldn’t make it through the group discussion rounds.

4th company: While waiting for written test to start, I met a person who seemed senior to me and was very nervous. Wanting to reduce his agony, I spoke to him and gave him a listening ear. He told his sad story of not clearing a lot of interviews. I felt his sadness.

So, I helped him with the written test and showed him all the answers. He thanked me and said – “You will definitely get through this test but I am doubtful”. I told him – “Just relax, hope for the best and prepare for the worst”.

The HR lady came out of the room and started announcing the names of those who had cleared the written test and were shortlisted for interviews. You guessed it right, he got shortlisted and I didn’t!

I was greatly disappointed. I left for the day.

Read part 2 here.

9 thoughts on “My first professional lesson

  1. Hi Anil,

    Those were very nice experiences you have shared with us. Eagerly waiting to know what happened after that. Hope we will be hearing from you again very soon.


  2. nice experience share by you Anil, a nice lesson u have given to every reader of this article, i really appreciate ur effort and harwork here. so nicely u have express each n every thing. congrats. Farheen Banu


  3. People learn and forget things that they learn in their life. you have written your experience so well that every teenager feels himself in your shoes. very curious to know the next episodes. we learn from our experiences………….all d best anil


  4. Hai anil,
    it was superb awaiting for the next part!!
    (i think your overconfidence moved with confidence and confidence to failure or success??)


  5. very impressive work anil bhai you have described your experience and events very thoroughly this is very good work for your first column i congratulate you for your time and effort you have put in this. best of luck for your futures columns. ols share this with others as well


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