My first professional lesson – 2

Part 2 of the GUEST POST by Anil where he describes his initial job hunting experiences. Read the previous part here.

My desire to get a job was increasing day by day. I was trying for almost all kinds of profiles in a software organization.

5th and 6th company: It was a pretty bad experience. I couldn’t qualify the written test but I was fine, since none of my friends cleared!

I met the HR after the interview and asked about my areas of improvement. She was very nice to me and gave a few tips to build my level of communication. Another HR lady on her own gave feedback – “You are good, but I think you should try for a technical job. Never ever waste your time working for a BPO. Instead try to improve your technical skills a little more and understand the corporate culture”.

I kept getting calls from my buddies about their success. I was beginning to get worried and for the first time questioned myself – “Am I really skilled? Have I got what it needs to succeed?”

While waiting for my turn at a consultancy (my 7th company), I got a call from an unknown number. When I took the call, I realized it was the same guy who had cleared the written test using my inputs. He told me that he couldn’t clear the interviews and was given feedback that his confidence was not up to the mark. He asked if I knew of any more openings. I asked him to come to the consultancy where I was currently waiting. He came and this time, he got the job!

My frustration levels were at an all time high now. I started studying all my failures. I practised in front of the mirror and worked on my technical skills. I decided strongly to get through the next attempt even if it was a BPO, irrespective of salary and company.

I attended the interview for the same company which I had failed previously, but this time went directly to the company instead of the consultancy.

By that time I reached, there were 10 more people waiting since morning. The AC in the reception room made me shiver.

To reduce the tense atmosphere, I started talking to others about their studies, cracked jokes and laughed out loud. Somehow, I succeeded in making a few of them smile and laugh.

My turn came last. The interview with a beautiful HR lady went on for 20 minutes. In the end, she informed that they would get back in a couple of days.

A week later when I had nearly forgotten about it, I got a call informing that I had been shortlisted for the final telephonic round with an Operations and HR manager. At the end of the long interview, they said they couldn’t pay much, would I still be willing to join.

Already having undergone so much anxiety, I agreed without thinking. And so finally, I got placed. I was elated!

But somewhere at the back of my mind, there was a question – “Was this the job I was looking for? Was this the job I was supposed to do after 4 years of engineering?” I consoled myself – “Let me enter into the organization first, I will later on try to simultaneously search for my desired job”.

When I look back now, the only thing I learnt during that stressful period was never to take decisions in haste.

2 thoughts on “My first professional lesson – 2

  1. its interesting to know the lessons that life has to teach,learn and conquer, good job by anil has expressed his part of life here hope to hear more from you.


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