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“2 things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.” ~ quoted on HTST Facebook page

A GUEST POST from my friend Krishna on his inspiration in life.

People get inspired either by the life stories of great people or by motivational books and videos. But I have a different story to share. I have got inspired by 3 people…

Like for many, my father Mr. Murthy is my first and greatest inspiration. My father has always been passionate about learning throughout life.

Back in early 1980s, due to financial constraints, he was forced to join a job after completing his diploma course.  Then within a year, my grandpa passed away and the responsibility of the entire family fell on him, which included getting 3 of his sisters married. He himself was yet to marry and get settled. But the tough times didn’t diminish his passion.

Even with all this happening, he studied for a degree in electrical engineering from JNTU in Anantapur through evening classes, along with his day job. After a decade, he pursued a post-graduate diploma in project management from Hyderabad Central University through distance education. This passion for learning passed on to me at an early age and has inspired me to keep learning always (one reason why I did my engineering!).

And here comes my second person – Mallik, a friend from intermediate college. He inspired me to fearlessly express my opinion. He never hesitated to give his, even if it was negative and encouraged me to do the same. He said – “It is ok to share your thoughts face to face even if they are negative, because it might help the other person to rethink”. Many a time my friends appreciate me for expressing my views frankly, but all credit actually goes to him.

The third inspiration is not a single person. It is a group of people, and they are my seniors from my engineering college in Machilipatnam. Usually, alumni donate money, books or articles. But my seniors took it a step ahead.

My senior Hari Krishna and his friends (2000-04 batch) used to conduct mock interviews and group discussion sessions among themselves to sharpen their skills. He was the most active of the lot and led these sessions.

Hari Krishna died in a road accident in 2003.

After graduating and getting jobs, as a tribute to Hari Krishna, his friends initiated a college event called Hari Krishna Talent Search Test (HTST) in 2006. This event organized once a year, helps students in preparing for the professional world primarily by giving interview tips and career guidance. Students can also email the group with queries all round the year.

By this act, they showed gratitude not just to Hari Krishna but also to the college. And this inspired not only me, but a lot of my batch mates.

After entering the corporate world, we too joined hands with them and became actively involved in organizing this event. (I have been a part of this event ever since I graduated 3+ years ago.)

I have some more people on my inspiration list, but will end it here. I don’t need just books or videos. My inspiration comes from real people in real life around me.

2 thoughts on “My inspiration list

  1. Thank you Mr.Rama Rao Ji. We are luckier than your generation in this aspect and all this is because of our parents who take the struggle to make our dreams come true (as they doesn’t want us to face the same situations they faced). So you people will be always inspirational (in fact more than that) to us. And thanks for reading my post and special mention to Pranav for Articulating this so wonderfully.

    — Krishna


  2. Very good post from Krishna. Like Krishna’s father Sri. Murthy, the elder members of middle class families (of my generation, with large family size) in India are often (due to unexpected family circumstances) required to shoulder the family responsibilities at a very tender age. Many of them have to struggle hard to take them up with sincerity and grace, sacrificing their personal ambitions. They are highly self-motivated in continuously trying to learn and achieve higher goals in life. They turn out to be role models for the younger members. I am happy that Krishna’s father Sri. Murthy is one such gentleman, and he is on the top of Krishna’s motivation list. The other two in the motivation list are also very revealing and excellent.
    I believe that observing the good qualities of people around us (elders, youngsters and groups) and learning from them and emulating them is the key to success and happiness. Well written blog, Krishna, keep it up !!!

    – Rama Rao, Pranav’s father


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