An incredible journey!

2 weeks back, Krishna wrote a piece on his real life heroes. Continuing on the same theme, a GUEST POST from my friend Samir.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

This story is about my close buddy Ramesh Das.

Ramesh was never a good student, and I had a fair idea about that, being a Q-U friend of him from our school days. In case you are wondering what Q-U means, one of our intermediate professors used to say that just like 99% of words beginning with Q are always followed with U, we were similarly inseparable!

After completing our intermediate studies from Jeypore, Odisha in 2004, I opted for engineering and Ramesh chose to go for a science degree (B.Sc.). He managed to scrape through graduation and one fine day he informed me that he was planning to move to Delhi for better job opportunities.

I was really concerned about Ramesh’s future endeavours after his flop show in academics. In India with its unemployment rate, it isn’t easy to get a job with a plain graduate degree and that too with low scores. He was staying at one of his relatives’ house in Delhi and that was not very pleasant for him either.

The only advantage he had was good communication skills. An excellent command over English ultimately became his prime weapon to get a BPO job.

Years passed by and the closeness we used to share gradually decreased due to distance and because of the time factor to meet each other.

When I got to know that he was quitting his job to prepare for CAT, it struck a chord with me. His financial conditions could neither allow Ramesh to go for higher studies nor the pleasure to enjoy his stay at home without a job.

He told me that his prime source of inspiration was his senior manager at his company, an IIMA alumni. The kind of respect that man was getting motivated Ramesh immensely.

He was spending 12-14 hours daily studying. But I knew that studies were never his cup of tea and the CAT exam was just too tough to crack.

In January 2012, I got a surprise call from him at 3 am. He told me that he had got 99.56 percentile in CAT and interview calls from almost all the IIMs! He finally went to IIMC, one of the most prestigious B-schools in India.

I was shell-shocked. I had grossly underestimated my friend! The scene reminded me of a popular dialogue from the movie 3 Idiots – Dost fail ho jaaye toh dukh hota hai, lekin dost first aa jaye toh jyaada dukh hota hai! (when a close friend fails it is painful, but when he succeeds it is even more painful!)

After getting over the initial feelings, I gave it some thought. Such an achievement couldn’t be a fluke. Hard work and dedication had turned my low performing friend into a stellar achiever.

And I felt really happy for him. Not just because of his transformation.

He left a legacy for all those who had lost hope in life. His victory taught something important. The past is done. It can’t be changed. But the future is in our hands. What we were in the past has no constraints on what lies ahead. We can create our future as we want it.

The incredible journey of my childhood friend Ramesh greatly inspired me. Hope it does the same to you.

Samir regularly blogs on his website Friendz4fun. Do check it out.

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