To a fresher

“I am a perpetual work-in-progress. And you know what? I am quite all right with that.” ~ Cristina Marrero 

Neither my slowly depleting hair quantity nor my entry into the 30s club (as one of my friends put it) made me realize time was passing fast.

But one small event did. A junior asked for advice – Sir, why don’t you teach us what you have learnt till now?

I contemplated on this for the last couple of weeks and came to the inevitable conclusion.

Time had passed quickly and it had taught me an important lesson. If I had taken the decision of buying a buffalo on that slightly warm winter day 10 years ago in Warangal, my entire life would have been different.

I am joking. But yes, if I had focused on some of the below things, I might have fared a trifle better.

Better late than never. So here it is, my small advice list for a fresher. Also applicable to both of us – you and me.

There is perhaps no one standard path.
After my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering, I was under the impression that I should stick to my core subjects all my life. I developed a sort of mental block for other work profiles.

I still enjoy learning about electrical stuff and, personally would suggest spending a few years working in line with what we learn. But I find that not only do I enjoy dabbling in other things, I am actually good at a few of these too. I am also open to the fact that my interests will change over time. True, there are people who do one thing their entire life, but I am not one of them.

People skills are nearly everything.
Nobody told me this. And nowhere did I learn this. How to deal with people seems to me the most important skill to master. And with globalization, comes dealing and communicating well with people from different countries and cultures.

As I sat for my first job interviews back in August 2004, I had absolutely no idea what work was truly like in companies! I wish I had explored the world out there by doing more internships. Since then, I did manage to work for a government research organization, a manufacturing company, an IT service and a product company. Yet I know that this is just a drop in the ocean.

The problem with most advice is, things change so quickly that they become obsolete. But I guess the above 3 should hold to the test of time.

4 thoughts on “To a fresher

  1. Kudos for this Article! Hope, it’s the beginning of a series of article like this, and will be followed by few more. The biggest benefit is, it will provide a learning lesson to the freshers, who are basically reluctant to ask for advice as they don’t know how and whom to approach. Great initiative!!


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