A peahen

The peahen.
The peahen on our garage roof, Ahmedabad.
Eggs of the peahen, Ahmedabad.
Eggs of the peahen. I took the pic when she flew to search for food.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

7 am. I open the french windows of the balcony at my home.

The sweet fragrance of the Indian winter finally in the air, after the longest stretch of monsoon I have ever seen.

The branches of the trees gently swaying. The mynahs twittering. The sun rays making their first appearance from behind the tall skyscrapers.

And suddenly, I see a peahen.

It sits on our garage roof. My father tells me that she has been sitting in the same position for 2 weeks. Come rain or sun. Yes, in the exact same position. Her eggs underneath her.

In a day, she only takes a half hour break in evening for food and water.

She sees us approaching. Glances at us with fear, but doesn’t move.

The internet says it will sit for a month like that. Without moving. Irrespective of danger to her.

Can you imagine that?

Her children are all that matter to her right now.

I glance beyond. The traffic on the main road picking up. The noise of vehicles zooming.

Time running short for everyone. Everyone in a hurry.

And the peahen. Not even aware that she is a symbol of eternal patience.

Focused on just 1 task. Her future children.

Nothing else.

6 thoughts on “A peahen

  1. Great my poet and nature lover nephew, keep it up! I could experience the survival instinct and a mother`s love for her siblings thanks to your fine language. Many thanks indeed ! love Priri



  2. Nicely documented Article. Describing the nature’s secret by throwing a glimpse of curiosity over “The Peahen’s life” is indeed a learning lesson !!


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