An entrepreneur’s love story – 1

I wish this story had ended differently. A GUEST POST from an entrepreneur friend of mine. He wishes to stay anonymous.

It all started 3 years ago when I met her in my office. She had come to meet me for a job prospect. She needed some support and was introduced to me through my uncle. We had heard about each other earlier, but met in person for the first time.

“Our college placement officer said this is the ideal CV to have”, when I asked her to change something in it. That reminded me of my college days. I laughed and laughed. I asked a colleague to assist her. The next day was her written test at a location nearly 40 km from the city.

It was 5 am in the morning by the time I realized that I was with my girl in my car on our way to examination center. Did I say I usually wake up only after 10 in morning? 🙂

After taking a wrong turn and reaching slightly late, we found 1,500 people lined up for the written test! She eventually didn’t write the test and we ended up in a restaurant. I don’t remember the reason why she came out without attending, but was happy to be in a restaurant sitting with her.

Who doesn’t know that girls usually don’t forget this kind of situation? She often reminds and teases me that she lost the job in our company just because I took her to a wrong place. Next day we were conversing through SMS, Gtalk, Facebook and every other possible virtual way.

We both knew we liked each other by then. Do you expect me to propose to her within a mere 10 days’ time? I hope not. But I did, in an informal way. Girls usually don’t come out that fast or it’s also quite common that they act as if they aren’t ready for it. As expected, she said, “I like you and I like to be with you. But you’ll have to come and convince my parents, I’ll not tell anything to them.”

“Are you crazy?” I asked. “How can I come and convince if you behave as if you don’t know or like me?”

Then she asked for some time. I agreed.

We were in touch occasionally over phone for 3-4 months until I received an SMS – “I want to meet and talk to you in person”.

I forgot to mention I am a die-hard entrepreneur trying to set up my own company. I was pretty busy and it took me a couple of days to meet her. That too at 1:30 am on my way back home after an errand. I could still remember her innocent face lighted by my car’s parking lights. While eating ice cream, we talked about life, job, my company work, and everything else except why she asked me to meet. I didn’t even bother to ask, and we ended up saying bye to each other at 3 a.m.

As I started back home, I received a message just after a few seconds  – “I am not sure whether you sensed it or not, but today my behavior towards you was completely different.” I replied, “Yes, could sense. But not sure why”.

“I LOVE YOU” she replied.

Read the 2nd part here.

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