An entrepreneur’s love story – 2

Part 2 of the GUEST POST by my entrepreneur friend. Read part 1 here.

I replied – “I need some time to get back to you”. As everybody knows you can’t really make a girl wait for a reply, in fact they will not let you.

I told her I loved her too. (I still do.)

Then it all started – the love, caring, enjoyment, movies,… It was really cool until I became pretty busy what with our product release being at its peak stage.

As expected, there was slowness in my messages and shortness in my calls. I just used to talk for 30 min or so at midnight and almost for 10 min I used to hear her complaints. I got pissed off at one stage. We fought and fought and finally I said break up. She cried for days and months. But I just couldn’t take the pressure. Being an entrepreneur I should have been able to manage everything and maintain a balance. I failed miserably.

Even after months, she used to email me occasionally. One such email gave me an opportunity to bring her back. It had an image copied from a stupid Facebook app which read “your husband’s name starts with P” or something like that. I replied by asking if she would accept me again. She hesitated, finally said yes and we were back together.

I never repeated any of my earlier mistakes; made her happy and took good care.

Being a girlfriend or a wife to an entrepreneur is not easy. You should believe and understand him/her and then prepare yourself to give up on a few things.

Entrepreneurs are lonely most of the times; they can’t share everything with everybody.
Entrepreneurs are insecure; they always have a fear of failure though they are ready to fail.
Entrepreneurs are poor too; people see them as co-founders and CEOs, but at the end of day they are poor.
Entrepreneurs are after passion, not after money; they don’t really care about money as far as they manage to get a meal per day and wi-fi.
Entrepreneurs hate to wear those identity cards which Fortune 500 company employees love to; in fact they ditched all those companies to build one such company on their own.

But as expected, girls and their fathers may not understand all this. Girls admire to date an entrepreneur but not marry; it’s not because they don’t like an entrepreneur husband. Girls do love those chaps trying to conquer the world. But at the end, they also need a cozy comfortable life as everybody does. Fair enough, nothing wrong!

The same thing happened in my case, though she was bold and encouraging on the outside.

I met her father and pitched. Sorry! In general language, I met him and requested to accept our love. For obvious reasons he rejected it straight away. We both tried our best. The drama went on for a few months until he made her leave her job and took her back home. I must say my gal was so strong to fight and convince them, as we both didn’t want to get married without acceptance of both families.

You must be thinking about the status at my home and with my parents. They gave up on me long back; of course they are very supportive of my crazy goal.

Although her father kept an eye on her, especially her mobile, she stayed in touch. I still remember the day I planned to fly for a couple of hours just to meet her for a few minutes. I managed to meet her at a bus stop. We spoke about a lot of things just in those couple of minutes; probably we unknowingly knew that this would be our last meet.

One fine day I got a call from her. She was crying continuously. That was a real panic moment. She had cried many times over phone, but I sensed that something serious had happened. Finally, heard “I can’t manage further at home, please forget and forgive me”. That was not the first time I heard those words. I always used to convince her and give her a couple of days to settle down.

This time, I thought I shouldn’t do it anymore. I immediately felt this was not something she should go through each week at home. Should she take all that pain all the way? I said NO to myself. I asked her to forget about everything and move ahead with life the way her father decides.

Though it has been hard for me, I too have decided to move ahead with life as it comes. I am pretty much happy with the decision we both made and hope she will get all the happiness in life.

Wish you all the very best my jaanu…

8 thoughts on “An entrepreneur’s love story – 2

  1. Thanks Pranav. Seem to have lost  Part I  and would llike to forward the story to a young friend. as it reflects on life`s  varied responses. priti


    1. Thanks Asha for checking out my blog. You might be right with regards to caste issues. But I am not so sure if that was the case with this friend of mine.


  2. “Life has to move on ……”, that stuck in my mind reading this post…. Calm guy and a tough experience 🙂


  3. Finally the long wait is over. wish the story could have ended in a different way. The explanation about Entrepreneurs is just awesome, candidly written. Appreciate Mr.—- (as he’s being anonymous) , great to gone through such an awesome story.
    @Pranav: Nice to see this kind of posts, especially by keeping the readers eagerly wait for 1 long week.


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