A morning walk in Kangda

A view of the Himalayas across the fields, Kangda.
A view of the Himalayas across the fields, Kangda.
This is what I saw when I climbed the terrace. :)
This is what I saw when I climbed the terrace. 🙂

Part 2 of my Himachal trip. On the last day, I went for a walk. (Read part 1 here.)

8 am. I wake up. 10 C. The view outside is unbelievable.

The green fields, fog hanging over them. The blue of the sky is more blue than I have ever seen. The brilliant sunshine. And the mountains of the Dhauladhar range in the distance, with snow shimmering.

The scene seems to be right out of something I used to paint in my childhood drawing class.

Time for a walk. But not without a cup of tea. (Did I mention that the Himachalis drink more tea in a day than I do in a week?!)

Silence. Except for the birds twittering.

The milkman on his bicycle. Children going to school. A lady feeding grass to a cow. A group of retired men striding with enthusiasm.

I stand on a side-lane and click pictures with my cellphone. An elderly gent on a scooter looks at me, not understanding why a desi is doing this.

What do I tell him? That my usual walk takes me through honking cars and motorbikes trying to drive over me? Actually, I should be surprised – how can he not be awed by such beauty? Or does our mind become attuned to everything over time? 

I return in an hour. The city life hurrying tendencies don’t leave me even in these serene surroundings!

For breakfast, I have delicious alu parathas and yes, again tea. 🙂

I open my yet untouched novel. To mark a long-time dream come true – sitting and reading a novel with mountains and sun and greenery around. 🙂

My return flight is via Delhi at 2 pm.

As the Spicejet flight rises over the small airport, I get perhaps the best view of the Himalayas. Waves and waves of snow-covered brownish peaks, stretching till the horizon. Majestic, stunning, as well as a little scary.

And through the windows of the airplane, I bow and pay my respects to the mighty Himalayas, worshipped since aeons.

Sunlight streaming...
Sunlight streaming…
Another stunning view.
Another stunning view.
Headlines speak of recent heavy snowfall.
Headlines speak of recent heavy snowfall.
More mountains, from the main gate. :)
More mountains, from the main gate. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A morning walk in Kangda

  1. wonderful travel account. In some years you can publish your musings on trips in Bharat. Have you read travel books- there are quite a few and the one that immediately comes to mind is one written by William Dalrymple when he travelled from Greece to Egypt. Keep sharing your ideas with us, its indeed a most enjoyable gift of yours. priti


    1. Thank you Priti masi. 🙂 Yes, I like travel books a lot – have read Dalrymple, Thereoux among others (the one you mention is “In Xanadu”, have read it).


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