2 years up!

Sunset over Khajaguda lake, Hyderabad.I clicked it from a friend's flat near ORR.
Sunset over Khajaguda lake, Hyderabad. I clicked it from a friend’s flat near ORR.

2 years of blogging up. 🙂

Not much to say today.


For reading my stuff and, giving me an opportunity to share yours.

15 thoughts on “2 years up!

  1. Congrats Pranav, it’s always a delight going through your posts! And yes that Khajaguda lake looks so awesome… I hope the growing real estate around this area doesn’t take its toll on it …


  2. Many Congrats Pranav on completion of 2 yrs.. Must say this is a significant accomplishment given the fact that you have penned your thoughts/experiences regularly amidst busy work or personal commitments.


  3. Congratulations Pranav, you are one of the limited people who made their journey of blogging for 2 years.. Hope to see your blogs more in future… Happy blogging.


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