My last fitness post

I have been obsessed with fitness since childhood, primarily due to repeated bouts of ill-health. My quest for perfect health made me experiment with both exercise and food.

I read lots of books and skimmed through thousands of articles on the net. I tried out Yoga, karate, gymming, running, pranic healing, all type of sports possible in India and what not. I tried green tea, dry fruits, a litre of milk and 4 eggs a day, sprouts, etc.

And in the process, injured my shoulder, a knee, a wrist and perhaps my stomach too (hopefully nothing permanent).

Finally, I have come to a conclusion – bahut ho gaya! (Enough is enough!)

A quote I read in a recent book sums it up best – “The system isn’t important, the principle is”. I had got confused between the 2.

The body doesn’t demand that I follow a specific system, like going to the gym daily at 6 pm or eating protein. All it wants is that I do certain activities for which the human body has evolved over millions of years.

Which probably means that I do just these well:

  1. Stay physically active (anything at all, as far as it covers a fair amount of endurance, flexibility and strength)
  2. Eat in moderation (preferably more natural foods)
  3. Take lots of rest (so that modern-day stress doesn’t exacerbate minor issues)

Following the principle will never help me become the next John Cena or Hrithik Roshan. At least not in this birth!

But I can definitely live a healthy life.

And that is why this is my last fitness post. My fitness obsession ends here. 🙂

5 thoughts on “My last fitness post

  1. Pranav – I was saddened to hear that this will be your last post on fitness. I completely agree with your 3 principles – stay active, eat well ( mostly natural) and rest equally well. While these are simple goals in concept they are very difficult to actually accomplish on a sustained basis because as you will discover life happens. While cleary I am making excuses for my lack of ability to sustain those very virtues you have listed.

    I would like you to reconsider your stand and maybe as a suggestion we change the name of your topic to “Health” rather than “Fitness” and that way it becomes more comprehensive to include all 3 of your key principles.

    Recently, I have had to focus on my health quite significantly because of the abuse or lack of discipline in my life from 25 through 45, which has left me overweight and under fit. However, I have taken it up seriously in the last 6 months and decided that enough is enough and am on the path to hopefully bettering myself.

    The path includes all 3 of your principles and I am struggling. It has been hard for me. I thoguht by posting on your blog would be a good way for me to build a bit of buddy system to keep me going. I also feel that the earlier one recognizes these principles and they get applied the better your chance for living a longer and healthier life.

    So, I urge you to reconsider from closing out the topic, Further, while this is my first post on your wonderfully compiled blog, which I am a big fan of , I assure you this wont be my last. I also wanted to ask if you would allow me to spread the word about your blog to many of our extended cousins and family and encourage them to share their thoughts, views and most of all their travels. We are a huge travel family with many of us spread all over the world and foks who have travelled even more to the farthest corners of the world to share their experiences and pictures.

    I loved your Chittor post and pictures very much. Bravo! keep up the good work.


    1. Jaideep bhai, thank you for the encouragement. 🙂 Please do share my blog with others if you think they will enjoy my posts.
      Also, I guess I probably can continue putting guest posts on “Health” rather than Fitness (a few others told me the same). If you want to write something for my blog, please mail me at! ‘Lessons of life’ is a pretty broad category which I continue to write on, and you can send me anything under the sun for that section. 🙂


  2. Glad you have been enlightened. Take  care of yourself and any excess is shunned by the body which ,aat first, gently expresses its disapproval. Just  listen to your body which co-operates; do not force your willpower without a second thought. That has been my experience  as then the body and mind work in tandem. priti

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