The refreshing rains

The monsoon is here.
The monsoon is here.

6.30 pm. 22 C. The sky is totally dark.

It is raining. Finally. 🙂

After being delayed for a month, the south-west monsoons have reached my city. 65% deficit rains this time compared to the 35% excess last year (it rained till November).

I find the rains refreshing.

The main road doesn’t agree with me though. The unbelievably long traffic jam. Cracks and mud everywhere. The foul moods and honking. The sneezing and the coughing. Each year in every city, the monsoon takes everyone by surprise.

But what they forget is that water is life. And everything needs to be cleaned, refreshed and reset once in a while.

Here in my side street, all is quiet. The leaves sparkle. The cool wind makes swishing sounds through the trees. Birds vigorously shake their wings.

The buildings and the roads look washed after a long time. The entire world seems stripped free of pollution and dirt.

There is a moment’s respite from the showers. I stretch from within the sea of TV-laptop-smartphone screens.

And step out to enjoy the weather, giving nature the respect it truly deserves.

6 thoughts on “The refreshing rains

  1. In Mumbai its Bambaiyya barsaat and the trees have had the most refreshing ,cleaner than ever, bath, The sky a menacing dark grey that occasionally turns a lighter shade, and a  sun that plays peek-a-boo. yet no too often. But its the roaring, hurtling  sea that heaves a menacing  call,which bewitches  as one watches, and the music of pitter patter , to faster paced jugalbandi which  entices ..I call this the monsoon magic and listen to Malhars -soothing spirit and relaxeing   my mind. What more can I ask for ? Love my Mousami  India …. pritimasi


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