Which news should be bigger?

The news is all about Ebola these days. This virus-caused disease has resulted in more than 1,300 deaths in mostly 3 countries in west Africa – Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. (Ebola was first found on the banks of Ebola river in Zaire, hence the name.)

Transmitting through body fluids, symptoms develop within 3 weeks of infection. Up to 90% of the infected people die. Although not too contagious since it is doesn’t spread through air, each virus is dangerous – a single virus inside one’s body can prove fatal.

Enough to scare anyone.

Countries throughout the world are terrified it will spread to their lands. Posters were recently put up in my office.

1.3K deaths in 6 months in these 3 sparsely populated countries is huge (a look at their sparseness – their combined population is roughly equal to 1 Indian metropolis, Mumbai).

But among all the many news articles I read on the internet, I came across this one. Calling it eye-opening is an understatement.

Ebola might be a great killer in these 3 countries, but malaria has killed 30 times more people in the same 6 months. 30 times!

Not to mention that malaria is preventable as well as curable.

This was both very surprising and sad to me.

What should the true focus of news be? Shouldn’t malaria be brought to the attention and given at least as much coverage as Ebola?

10 thoughts on “Which news should be bigger?

  1. Excellent post Pranav…have read so many articles with lengthy explanations ..but this post is simple and straight to the point and very useful information indeed…wish post on ALS will come soon in #peacefullrestlesness… as i have spend some time in researching ALS. I have noticed one or 2 points important in each post…if we can get all the information in one post which is simple and informative like this(ppl like me can save lot of time)


    1. Thanks Sundeep. This post was more to show that malaria is at least as important as Ebola. With regards to ALS, let me see. I don’t have much knowledge about this disease (have just heard about the ice-bucket challenge).


  2. Thank you, so little balance in the world. Mainly because people mostly follow their hearts and that leaves thinking about what matters on the side lines. You never do that, but always come up with a balanced heart and head post.


  3. Malaria is not news worthy as the ebola. panic can be created by the ebola scare, malaria requires concerted action internationally to prevent and control and that is lacking.


    1. Bindu masi, we even did a 1-week office effort to indirectly assist rescue and help operations in those 3 countries. But I had no idea malaria was a much bigger menace! You are right, malaria just doesn’t sound that scary as Ebola to people and ground-level work for its elimination isn’t considered that attractive and news-worthy.


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