Get To The Point

With his permission, I publish here a post by Raam Dev, that I liked very much. I came across his beautiful blog 2 years ago and have become a fan ever since. (I had put up another of his posts sometime back. And in case you are thinking, he isn’t Indian.)

In whatever you’re trying to say or trying to do, stop trying and get to the point.

Thoroughness does not require complexity or volume or heft. It does not require that you undertake a lengthy, prolonged, and arduous journey, like this one.

Clarity never increases by adding things.

When in doubt leave it out, and be doubtful frequently.

If you have a lot to say, you’re already saying too much. If you have a lot to do, you’re already doing too much.

Start small.

Start with a single idea, one clearly defined action or one point that you want to get across and express that as simply as possible.


If somebody is about to get hit by a car and you want to convey the danger to them, what do you say?

“Excuse me, sir. There’s a ten-thousand pound vehicle coming down that street and if you do not stop walking it will surely hit you and cause bodily harm. May I kindly suggest that you do not cross the street until the vehicle has passed?”

Absurdity! They’d be dead and you’d look like a fool for taking so long.


All writing should be as clear as that. All action and communication should strive to express with such clarity the purpose for its existence, or it should not exist at all.

Get to the point.

14 thoughts on “Get To The Point

    1. Hi Ramya, long time! Me doing good, how about you? No more blogging these days? Check out Raam’s other posts too on his blog, been following him for 2+ years now.
      Convey my hello to Nishadh. 🙂


      1. Hardly blog now but miss it quite terribly. Don’t know why I can’t get myself to write anymore… Any advice?

        Will check his blog too! We will be in Hyd during the latter half of Dec – let’s plan a good catch up! And you are coming to “Hiya Girl”‘s wedding right? 🙂


          1. Revived it after some deliberation; its now called: Hopefully the willingness doesnt fade out this time!

            Loved your dubai trip post, awaiting more!


  1. Good advice, What I try to share with others. On a different note, I keep hoping you will add one picture to each of your posts so others can share on Pinterest easily. Lots of free pics and clip art that can be saved as a jpeg on your desktop and then added quickly. Takes me a bit longer when creating a post, but goes to more places and your words and those of others you find are important to share.


    1. Katherine, will try to add pics in as many posts as possible. The reason I don’t add images from the internet is that I wish to keep my posts original i.e. I add only the ones I click.


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