Medyog: improving preventive healthcare access

Team Medyog: (from left) Pranat Bhadani, Parth Dhoot, Shantanu Jain, Nitin Jain
Team Medyog: (from left) Pranat Bhadani, Parth Dhoot, Shantanu Jain, Nitin Jain

Another instance of a technology startup working on a real-life challenge, I am glad to publish here an interview with the team behind Medyog, a Bangalore-based startup, aiming at providing easy access to preventive health care in India.

P: What is your startup about?
Team Medyog: Medyog ( aspires to bring in transparency and convenience in the healthcare industry, by answering questions like “Where can I undergo this test?”, “How much would it cost me?”, “Which diagnostic center is better?”

Medyog enables users to not just discover prices, compare offerings and make a smart choice based on real reviews and ratings of the centers, but also passes on huge discounts for the tests/packages. And we don’t just leave it there, we further ensure that the user:

  1. Gets the reports online to share with the doctor and loved ones
  2. Has his/her Personal Online Repository: A secured interface storing all your medical records online, no need to carry your medical file everywhere you go
  3. Allows creating multiple profiles under one account: Managing your families healthcare needs couldn’t be any simpler, with separate profiles for your children and parents, you can now manage the health of your loved ones seamlessly.

P: What motivated you to start this venture?
Pranat Bhadani (CEO): It was in the year 2008, my first year in college, that I first read about Dr. Devi Shetty (founder of Narayana Hrudalaya) and his immense contribution in the field of affordable healthcare. What amazed me most was the power of economies of scale in providing basic healthcare to the under-served in India.

But it was only around 2 years back when I was admitted in Narayana Hrudalaya – diagnosed with sarcoidosis, that I saw for myself the impact of this healthcare institution. How a single institution could have such a positive impact on the lives of millions.

Post my surgery, I had to do monthly follow-ups and it was then that I realized the hassles that an individual faces to get information around those tests. It seemed impossible to find answers to questions like where to undergo tests, the costs involved, which centers were better, etc.

At the same time startups like Flipkart, Ola, Housing, etc. were making lives simpler in almost every other sector, but why was such a critical sector like healthcare ignored? I was surprised to see how little was being done in the healthcare space when the internet revolution was transforming the consumer experience in every other space I could think of.

A little deep dive revealed the existing nexus between the doctor and the diagnostic center. The Indian diagnostic setup is currently driven mainly by doctor referrals and the user has very little choice (exception – preventive healthcare) in the whole process. Through Medyog we aim to restructure the industry from being doctor driven to doctor-patient driven.

P: What is your website’s USP?
Team Medyog: Our focus on Preventive Healthcare is what differentiates us from our competitors. To help promote this further we recently launched the Smart Preventive feature.

In our pre-launch surveys, while promoting preventive health checks, although we received a tremendous amount of positive response – people were confused as to which package they would go for. We realized that to meet our ambitious target of making regular health check-ups a norm in our society, we would have to build a tool that would customize health packages for every individual. Thus began the journey towards personalized health plans, where we ask that the user answer a set of multiple choice questions aimed at getting personal and family medical history and symptoms, and design customized health plans based on the responses.

P: Thank you for taking time out for sending the responses. I wish you all the best for your venture. Though you are currently offering services only in Bangalore, hope you are successful in implementing your dreams of providing accessible preventive health care across entire India! And hope this post of mine helps you in spreading your word. πŸ™‚

For more info, check out their website or download their FREE Android app.

9 thoughts on “Medyog: improving preventive healthcare access

  1. “I’m surprised to hear this idea”. I have been thinking about this idea ( collecting reviews from patients about the doctors and hospitals that they have been consulted and make that data available on the Internet, so that people will have an option to select the best doctors across India) :). But Medyog seems more comprehensive, specially offers and online reports. Good Initiative, team. “All the best”.


  2. Wish Medyog all the best. It is an ingenious idea and would find application in every major city. Publishing the price will drive competition and bring down prices overall. Should be possible for a search engine to list prices of tests in various labs, stand alone diagnostic centers, hospitals, etc. To this Medyog has added the preventive medicine checkup tailored to a brief medical history. Great going!


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