Sky from a side road

Sky 1

Sky 2

Have you ever tried enjoying the sight of the sky from a city main road? I doubt if such a feat is possible.

The tall buildings, the pollution. The varied sized vehicles darting from all possible directions, forcing you to focus on saving your skin.

But for every high-traffic road, there probably exists a side road which only the locals are aware of. This side road is a world apart. Time slows down here and you get to take in the sights a lot more.

Parallel to one of the most high-traffic roads in hi-tech city area of Hyderabad, is a road that few “software people” take. This road is nothing special – it is dirty, broken down in many parts, with the occasional hungry-looking dog following you.

But the difference is, it is quieter. And on this road, you finally see the sky and the actual scenery.

The sky looks very different from here. Or maybe, with fewer distractions, the existing things seem clearer.

I clicked these pics last Saturday afternoon. After random showers throughout the morning, the wind suddenly picked up and started blowing the clouds away. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds.

Beyond the electric wires, building rooftops and the peepal and neem trees, the clouds formed odd shapes on the blue sky background.

They were like paintings done by a child – who, in absence of parents, threw white paint on a blue canvas, and cried with joy at the chaotic beauty created.

Sky 3

Sky 4

Sky 5

Sky 6

10 thoughts on “Sky from a side road

  1. Wonderful feel of sky,  wind and its play with clouds, and the feel of the rejuvenating  rains.Sad to report that two big trees just opposite our house  fell, one on our very doorstep as if to bid farewell, No more that wild scent  of summer and their paving the compound and road with a yellow carpet of flowers. The birds lost their habitat and now I`ll miss their  viewed presence…Wish the  trees had been trimmed earlier and they may have survived. Luckily they were god friends so they left neither windows nor  lethal broken glass.Only tearful rain drops.. not even a parked car damaged on the roadside. priti  


    1. Thanks Priti masi. Yes, I heard on the news about the damage done by rains in Mumbai. Sad to hear about the loss of the trees, which perhaps had become your life-long friends.


  2. Liked the way you represented the unnoticeable things in life which we often miss because of the so called busy schedule and which is unimaginably beautiful indeed. Nice pics and a glad finding a different type of post altogether!!


    1. Samir, thanks! Yes, I have decided to shift focus to the simpler unnoticed aspects of life, since I am not doing anything blog-worthy these days. 🙂
      How is your new job? Also, hope you haven’t given up blogging!

      Liked by 1 person

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