Godavari worship at Mahapushkaralu

Kosli ghat from satellite imagery (courtesy - Google Maps).
Kosli ghat from satellite imagery (courtesy – Google Maps).
Bathing at Kosli ghat.
Bathing at Kosli ghat.

3 crore+ people are visiting the banks of the Godavari river in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the last few days. My friend Anjan shares his experience of making this trip in this GUEST POST.

Pushkaralu is the tradition of worshipping each important Indian river once in 12 years.

But this July between 14th-25th, this event on Godavari river is happening once in 144 years, also called as Mahapushkaralu.

If you visit and perform certain rituals on Godavari now, not only will it be a tribute to your ancestors, all your sins will be completely forgiven.

With such intentions, I left Hyderabad last Friday night for my hometown Nizamabad, taking the special Mahapushkaralu bus to Basra.

To avoid the huge crowds at nearly all the banks across the 2 states, my parents had planned to go to Kosli, a newly constructed ghat just 25 kms away. There was reportedly more water too at that place.

Early next morning, we left our home and reached within half hour.

The ghat had very good provisions for the pilgrims like dressing rooms and medical facilities. For old people and children who found the river waters risky, fountains were set up to bathe.

As per the tradition – along with taking a bath, one has to put a little amount of sand in the river and recite a specific sloka. If this last step isn’t done, although all your paap (sins) will be washed off, all your punya (good deeds) will be washed off too!

We completed these rituals and went for darshan at a nearby Hanuman temple.

The weather stayed cool and cloudy throughout and we felt fresh and happy. I was particularly happy – I had cleared off all sins from all my previous births, and would be starting a fresh account. 🙂

We went back to Nizamabad before lunchtime, glad to have participated in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Kosli ghat on the top, north of Hyderabad (courtesy - Google Maps).
Kosli ghat on the top, north of Hyderabad (courtesy – Google Maps)

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    1. Thanks Raj…I think sharing our experiences will help someone in one or the other way (at least to kill time). I hope you will also share your such experiences going ahead.


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