Slow blogging

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, just as long you don’t stop.” ~ Anonymous

A year ago, I decided to slow down on blogging. One reason was that I was running out of things to write, but also because I wanted to bring more intention to what I wrote.

Not sure if that has happened (and neither have my patience levels increased to that of the peahen) :), but I was pleasantly surprised to not see a drop in traffic, also considering that I am on none of the push-marketing sites like Facebook and her sisters.

Further, many posts from previous years were still being viewed. I obviously can’t claim complete credit – people might have been looking for images or some general info, and the search engines must have led them to this blog.

So here we go:

First, my friends and family who by sharing their stories brought in a lot of viewers – top guest posts since Nov 2014:

  1. Smiles across miles
  2. I followed my heart…
  3. Rock Garden in Chandigarh
  4. Godavari worship at Mahapushkaralu
  5. Stories which taught me
  6. The loss of a sister
  7. The fort town of Chittorgarh – 2
  8. Nature at its best
  9. Medyog: improving preventive healthcare access

My top posts viewed since Nov 2014:

  1. So…hum…
  2. Bidar – center of the Deccan
  3. Chilling out in Goa
  4. Another PoV
  5. The Ashram by river Sabarmati
  6. 3 years
  7. Running near Sabarmati
  8. Sky from a side road
  9. Patan’s stepwell
  10. The royal city of Jaipur

The most clicked images were, understandably, from the top guest posts – Smiles across Miles and Rock Garden in Chandigarh.

But I am not able to figure out why the 3rd most viewed image (from the post Chilkur – the God of visa) was such a big hit. πŸ™‚

Thank you once again for checking out my blog. I hope to keep blogging, slowly but surely, in the times ahead. πŸ™‚

Desire society
Desire Society, Bachupally (1 year anniversary of Smiles Across Miles), May 2015.

Rock Garden - 1

Chilkur Balaji
Photography not being permitted, the only pic I could capture was of this hair donating place outside the complex. πŸ™‚ Chilkur Balaji temple, Hyderabad.

10 thoughts on “Slow blogging

  1. Spellbinding and addictive blog, helps me in so many ways like buying books to learning new things.Hope to see more posts in future.. Happy blogging πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks Pranav for providing Smiles across miles a great platform to share our views, thoughts and efforts. Sure, we will continue sharing more posts of Smiles across miles in coming days.
    Thanks to one and all who viewed our post. Due, to which we are at top most viewed in 2015.


  3. Congrats on the slow blogging and continuing it as you wish. Well, it is your space so don’t let anyone dictate any terms you should run it on πŸ˜› Best Wishes.


  4. Completely agree with bringing more intention to what we write! My successful blogger friend who write for the NY times told me the secret to blogging success is blogging every single day but sometimes my posts seem so flat and meaningless so yeah, I agree with you and if success means posting meaningless content just for the sake of it then i’d rather not be successful in that sense!


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