Kerala, the best place to enjoy your honeymoon!

Coconut groves on Poovar lake.
Houseboat in Alleppy.

This is a GUEST POST by Gayathry, on why you should plan your honeymoon in her state. 🙂

Marriages are made in heaven. And, I must say honeymoon is the best time to build a strong foundation in a relationship for leading a wonderful life ahead.

India has lots of beautiful places, but I would say that Kerala is the best place to enjoy your honeymoon!

I am not making this claim because I am a Keralite, but because there are many unique things that my state has to offer, bringing two souls closer and giving you your best moments.

To start of, Kerala is blessed with nature’s beauty. You will get delightful visions of greenery everywhere, coconut groves, lakes, rivers, misty clouds, foggy roads, tea plantations and waterfalls!

Along with filling your mind with cool emotions, it can arouse a romantic mood in you as well. 🙂

Adding to these, there are countless beaches that might give some playful moments on the sand. These beaches are among the top visited destinations in the state.

The climate is wonderful – the chilled mornings and sunlit noons with little humidity will make you feel cozy any time, at all of its honeymoon spots like Munnar, Thekkady, Poovar, Kovalam etc.

And how can we forget Ayurveda? These therapies help in rejuvenating the mind and soul and Kerala has plenty of spas and centres offering the goodness of Ayurveda, and can give you fresh thoughts for a new beginning.

There are many activities to do which will fill your mind and soul with romance including:

  • A walk through the green meadows,
  • a romantic boat ride,
  • a candle light dinner beside the lake,
  • an awesome Kerala special feast with the goodness of spices and authentic taste.

All these will make you feel like in heaven. You will forget all your stress, work, agony and only your honeymoon and romance will be lit up in the air!

The awesomeness of this place will pave way for knowing each other better, ignite some cuddled moments, and wash away any kind of misunderstandings that might sprout out during the initial days. You will get to experience a lot here which will definitely stay in your memories life long.

So, do visit Kerala for your honeymoon, and those people who already had their first one can definitely plan for a second as well, as a break is sometimes essential to revive your relationships. 🙂

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Light house beach
Lighthouse beach.

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