Into the Amdavadi heat

IIM campus
The afternoon sun glowers from behind the few clouds at IIM campus, Ahmedabad.
City view
Don’t be fooled by the greenery near SG Highway, it is still 40+ C.

I was never bothered by heat in my childhood.

Whenever friends or relatives complained about the hot weather in their cities, I would say – you don’t know what heat is till you visit Ahmedabad. The reason being – my birth town has among the highest average year-round temperatures in the world.

But on May 19, new heights were reached and a 100-year record broken. The mercury crossed 48C, briefly touching 50C!

At this temperature, my childhood claims of being a heat-defeating hero no more held. 🙂

When I visited last week, even the night air seemed oppressive and uncomfortable. Not everyone agreed with me – the Radio Mirchi host in the cab called it a pleasant evening. At 42C, it was definitely cooler than the week before!

None could have guessed the intensity of the heat wave looking at the greenery in the city and the full waters of the Sabarmati river. (Sabarmati has been bone-dry since I remember. The waters are actually from the Narmada.)

A red-alert being declared between 12 and 4 pm, I avoided going out as much as possible, except for necessary errands. Spent most of the time in A/C, either at home or in malls, watching the recent spate of fantasy Hollywood movies.

No desire to enjoy the irresistible street food with the weather having killed my appetite, only mangoes (kesar and alphonso) proved to be saviours.

But as we began our return journey, clouds started to gather.

Just before we left, it poured. Giving a glimmer of hope that whatever damage we were doing to the earth, the magnanimous Mother Nature just might still forgive us.


Clouds finally appear on the western horizon.

6 thoughts on “Into the Amdavadi heat

  1. With the booming economy (?), we seem to be forgetting the environment and adding to deadly carbon emissions. The traffic jams most of the day in our cities is a glaring example.

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