Quick trip to Kolkata

A few weeks ago, I visited Kolkata to meet up with a few friends. Didn’t get much time to sight-see, but came across some significant areas and clicked pics. Here they are:

Lunch at 6 Ballygunge Place
We started out with lunch at the famed restaurant 6 Ballygunge Place. The place is in a British style mansion.



South Park Street Cemetery
We then visited the cemetery on Park street. It was used by the British, between 1767 and 1790. The tombs are of many notable people of the British era, and seem like mini monuments. The white tomb in the pic below is of Henry Derozio, a radical Anglo-Indian thinker.

South Park cemetery
Entrance gate of South Park cemetery.

Inside cemetery


Kolkata tram
We boarded the tram around 6 pm or so and roamed for 2 hours. It is the only running tram system in India. It goes at 5 kms/hr, so I was surprised to see people actually using it! There are plan to decommission it soon.



Indian Coffee House, College Street
The next day, we headed to College street. The Indian Coffee House on this street has had eminent personalities like Rabindranath Tagore and Subhash Chandra Bose as customers. Unfortunately, when we reached at 3.30 pm (on Sunday), it was closed.



Howrah Bridge
We drove across the iconic Howrah bridge, and then had lemon tea on the banks of the Hoogly river. In the last pic, you can see Vidyasagar Setu (or the new Howrah bridge as it is commonly called).

Howrah bridge

Across Hoogly

New Howrah bridge