Healing yourself

“If you are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.” ~ Louise L. Hay

Sunday night 8 pm. I stand near a road-side chaat shop and gorge on paani puri. Next, I eat bhelpuri. I am in bliss. 🙂

Or should I say, complete bliss – for the last 3 days, I have been eating out regularly.

Monday morning comes and I have a mild stomach ache. 😦

I don’t really have an option, there is an important meeting in an hour. I will just have to bear the pain and go to office.

The fast food must have caused the stomach ache, right? In this case, probably yes. But these days, I try to question myself a bit more.

Was it just the fast food, or am I feeling scared of something? Am I trying to cover up some other feelings by eating so much?

You might ask if so much thinking is really required. Maybe not. But what if a problem becomes chronic?

Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay was one book which guided me in this direction. In this thin volume, the author gives an equivalent mental or emotional cause for each physical problem.

She suggests that all physical manifestations originate in the mind and hence can be solved by working on the mind with certain affirmations. These problems can range from the mundane like a cold, to the serious like a spinal injury.

For example, she mentions that repeated headaches indicate self-criticism and not accepting what is going on in life. She suggests to daily affirm to oneself that he/she loves oneself.

Do I believe in what she says? I don’t know.

But I am ready to accept that factors like my thoughts, feelings, people and the environment I interact with on a daily basis do affect me in multiple ways.

I have started to look beyond the obvious – is it purely physical? Or is there a mind-body connection issue? I do this by examining my thoughts at that moment.

Do you find this intriguing? You can probably pick up one of her many books, especially You Can Heal Your Life, written 30+ years ago.

On similar lines, regular trainings are organized by Dr. Sampoorna, a counseling psychologist, writer, life coach and internationally certified trainer of the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshops and Teacher Training. Details can be found on her website or you could call at 9840230151.

After so much thinking, I am exhausted. Need to go and eat another plate of paani puri. 🙂

Dr. Sampoorna
Dr. Sampoorna