Karate – An elixir to the mind, body and soul

My friend Bhaval is a senior green belt in Karate. He writes here on his passion.

My journey with this art started about 7 years ago. I was nearing the end of my teens, short on confidence, unsure of my bearings in life. The world was getting bigger and harsher. As I moved into adulthood, I realized I was ill-equipped to deal with the pressures that accompany it.

The hectic schedule of studies and day-to-day affairs was taking a toll, my immunity had crashed and I was falling sick every other month. I felt weak and scared of moving forward without help.

On a whim one day in April 2004, I looked in on a karate class that was in progress near my home in Delhi. The teacher (Sensei, as everybody was calling him), was nice enough to let me participate in a couple of punching and kicking exercises. Two hours later as I left for home, I was drained of energy, but hooked. The muscles were sore at night, but the mind was alive with passion.

The next day, I went again to the dojo (the place of practice), and jumped right in. I discovered pain in muscles I did not even know existed in the body. However, as the pain increased, the calmness in the mind increased as well. Over the next few months, karate became a two-hour escape from a routine life, a timeout for my own self. Slowly, I became stronger, not just physically, but mentally as well. I realized that I now had more control over my emotions.

As years progressed, karate became a way of life for me, a journey towards physical, mental and spiritual growth. Those two hours everyday became the source of my inner and outer strength. I was no longer restless and confused. The days of frequently falling ill were long behind me. Today, I feel I am a better man, sure of my footing in life and grateful to karate for making me who I am.

Interested in knowing more about Karate? You can get in touch with Bhaval at bhavalh@gmail.com, and he will be glad to answer your queries.