Technology and my mom

My mom is now an expert on the mobile phone.
My mom is now an expert on the mobile phone.

A GUEST POST from my friend and avid follower of this blog Pallavi on her mother’s experience with technology and why internet companies should start focusing on a new segment in India. 🙂

My mom was never much interested in technology. But recent incidents have shown me otherwise.

I was sitting in my office one day in early Jan when my mobile phone buzzed.

It was 11 am. I had received a message. But there was something strange about it. It was from my mother and it just said, “Don’t call”.

I was terrified. Scary thoughts began passing through my mind. I immediately called my home’s land-line number.

When she picked up, I relaxed a bit. I then asked her why she had sent such an odd message.

And guess what? She told me that she was playing a game on her mobile phone and didn’t want to be disturbed! (I later found the name of the game – Gold Rush.)

After an hour, she replied with another message, “Call”. This time I understood that her game had ended. 🙂

A few months later, I was watching the movie Aashiqui 2 on TV at home with her. When the ads began, she suddenly asked, “What are angry birds?”

For a moment, I just couldn’t recollect which part of the movie had birds. Then I realized she was asking about that famous game!

Since then, she knows more games than I have ever known in my life!

Tickets on mobile phones (or m-tickets) have now become common everywhere, whether on trains or in movies. She wasn’t convinced for a long time till the day Prasads (a multiplex in Hyderabad) allowed her to enter and watch a Telugu movie just by showing the m-ticket.

After that incident, my mom has become somewhat of an expert in this field. These days, she is the primary adviser to all her friends on how to use mobile phones to book and then go watch movies!

I am planning to give her a tablet for her birthday next month.

Her new focus is online shopping. Should see where this would lead to … I think my father is going to get really worried now… 🙂