Another PoV

Clear skies are back. On Gachibowli road, Hyderabad.
Clear skies are back. On Gachibowli road, Hyderabad.

During my early school days, when it rained, I used to cry and refuse to go to school.

A fortnight ago, there were unseasonal heavy showers across most parts of India. I can’t say that I jumped with joy with the sudden gloomy darkness and incessant rains, but I did enjoy the sleepy weather. 🙂 (As the above pic shows, the sun is back and the mercury has started rising.)

If I could have a different opinion about the same event over a gap of few years, what about other people and the same events?

I recently read 2 books on the great mythological texts, Mahabharata and Ramayana. The Palace of Illusions is Mahabharata from Draupadi’s point of view and Asura is Ramayana from Ravana’s and a common man Bhadra’s.

Eye opening would be an understatement. I had never thought about Mahabharata and Ramayana this way, the same whose serialized versions were a constant on TV in my childhood.

The first book is more beautifully written than anything I have read before on mythology. It describes the hardships Draupadi goes through not only because of the impractical ideals of a man’s world but also her seeming lack of control over her passions. In the second book, the interesting part is of Bhadra, a common man who turns bitter, not achieving what he dreams of, neither in Ravanraaj nor in Ramraaj.

Makes me wonder whether our knowledge of history would have been very different if written from more points of view – the winners and losers, the male and the female, the kings and the people on the street.

Also, next time I get angry or irritated at others, I should perhaps accept the fact there may exist an entirely opposite point of view for the same event; even though I have no idea how that could be possible, stuck in my own world of thoughts, emotions and experiences.