Slowing down

On a recent trip to Mumbai, I took an auto rickshaw to the Santa Cruz airport.

The driver drove at speeds slightly less than an aeroplane, even when I tried indicating to him that there was no need to hurry. I had ample time to catch the flight, more than 2 hours.

Guess his intention was to charge me the equivalent of a flight ticket by displaying his performance. 🙂

I have been like that auto rickshaw guy. I have been publishing posts nearly every week for the last 32 months or so, as if I am on some kind of a deadline.

So I have decided to slow down. Take things a bit slowly, follow a few principles of the slow media manifesto.

Going forth, I will be publishing maybe once or twice a month. Slightly longer posts perhaps, and with pictures, but the style will stay the same – simple, genuine and easy to read.

Thank you for reading my articles. Hope you continue checking my blog as you have been doing so for 2+ years. 🙂