Discovering a new bird…

The green bee-eaters...
The green bee-eaters…

It was a Saturday morning. After a heavy breakfast and a stroll around the neighbourhood, I was back in the room indulging in one of my favorite pastimes – staring out of the window and day dreaming.

Then my glance fell on 2 small green birds, sitting on the electric wires a few metres away, moving their heads about energetically.

I kept staring for what seemed like a long time before I realized that I had never seen these birds before!

I shook out of my reverie, grabbed my phone and quickly took a few snaps. (How could I forget to do this when the current trend is to click away every single inch and event in the universe?!)

It was a moment of triumph. Without any in-depth knowledge of ornithology, I had managed to discover a new species!

In case you are wondering how that is even remotely possible – 86% of the earth’s species have not been identified, many going extinct before humans become aware of them.

Also, what with the news like last Sunday being the coldest January day in Hyderabad in more than half a century, and 2014 being the hottest year till date, there are significant changes occurring in the natural world.

So not at all unlikely that I find a new species. 🙂

I entered my research lab, i.e. switched on my laptop to check Google and Wikipedia and spent more than 2 hours searching for info on the bird.

Unfortunately, Wiki uncle threw water on my hopes – the birds were Green bee-eaters, particularly common in south India. Not even close to extinction.

No idea why I never noticed them in my 10+ year stay in south India.

Probably I am too stuck in my own thoughts or absorbed in the screen world to see things around.

Anyways, the 2 hour research effort was worth it – in the last 2-3 days, I have become aware of a few more new bird species. And this time, I look at them with fresh respect. 🙂